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"Yates Oval Eights" Finger Picks

Replicas of the old Antique Nationals

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In all of the pictures below there are two Yates finger picks and one old National pick to show the comparison.

The old National not for sale.


What made the old picks special?

There were several things; these old picks, as are the Yates picks, are made of nickel silver.  No silver is really in the formula but it got it's nick name because of the color that comes to them as they are used. Nickel silver is a relatively soft material that is slick to the strings reducing pick drag noises. No porous holes to rasp the nerves in its material construction. In fact, when they are  played and worn, the material remains slick and smooth. 

The flared bands were and are designed to fit, as we have learned, around 95% of the pickers right out of the box. The blades are preset to pull the best tone and should not be bent unless you just have to for your use. These picks produce a warm, strong release. 



One set of (2)

Yates Oval Eights Picks $47

No sales outside of the USA.


Left - Short Bands       Right - Standard Pick






Pick noise comes from a few things; hard material, rough surface, touching a string in motion, and noting from the picking position to the bridge.

1- Hard Material - The harder the material, the louder the zing you get when striking a string in vibration. These picks are softer reducing that pick noise.

2- Rough Surface - Most materials are porous, so polishing an area of micro holes is like dragging a file across the strings. These picks are slick and smooth through and through reducing pick noise.

3- With your pick, tap a string where you normally pick. You will hear different notes in the form of a chirp. A string vibrates from one hard spot to another so where ever your new note is formed, it simply sounds like a high pitch bird chirp. Softer picks absorb this effect and reduce chirp noise.

As these picks are used, they start to shine where the string rubs. If your wear mark is in the middle of the blade, then you are picking correctly. By monitoring this pattern, you can adjust your picking style to maximize your ability.

Free Shipping in the USA


With every set of two Yates 8s you get a free Golden Gate thumb pick.  One size (Large) only.

















 Oval Eight Short Bands

These picks were designed for people that have small fingers. Forcing picks to fit often means having bands that overlap.  In the design, the top two holes were removed to allow the bands to shortened. All other shapes and sizes remained the same.


Photo Complements of Kristen Scott Benson

One set of (2)

Yates Oval Eight Short Band Picks $45

"No thumb pick comes with this model" 

 No sales outside of the USA.

One set of (2) with free thumb pick

Yates Oval Eight "4 Hole" Picks $46

No sales outside of the USA.

These picks are the same as the standard oval 8 picks, except the two holes nearest to the blade are left out. This is to add strength for the heavy picker.