Donnie Little's stage performances began at age 5 while playing in a local band around 1965 called "The Little Brothers".  It was a big hit consisting of his family (Dad) Clyde, (Mother) Jane, and (Brother) Joel. 

 Professional bands booked in the area needed show openers to set the stage for them.  Donnie's ability to play so well at such a young age made the band that much more popular.  The Little Brothers later became The Little Family. 

Donnie's father had to hand-build Donnie's little banjo from scratch in order for him to use it.  This was during a time when our founding Bluegrass fathers were starting the music that we love. 

Donnie knew many of the bluegrass legends and basically grew up with them.  He later chose the profession of teaching music at his home rather than traveling away from his family, but Donnie still loves playing with friends wherever he can.








Donnie performing at the age of 5
Look Close, see if you recognize any of the people playing with Donnie









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Donnie Little
Donnie is currently playing with the Flowers Family. Check out their website