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The Yates "Style 4 Walnut"


   This walnut banjo was designed to look and sound like the old 1930s style 4 banjos with all of the treasured dynamics that players desire.

    In tying to recreate these old treasures, we replicated the hand made inlays to capture even the imperfections of that time period. These old inlays were without perfect symmetry and it captured the real hands on look. Today we use CNC to cut our inlays, but the patterns were straight from the past. With that basic exception, everything else is hand made by Warren Yates.

     These banjos have the ability to sound far bigger than their physical measurements dictate. They are cannons with tone to spare, and dry, meaning no unwanted overtones to cancel sound. These banjos cut through the fog and carry sound over great distances in their own range as not to step on the other instruments in the band. You "CAN" have that $100,000 sound at a fraction of the cost.


  • Walnut

  • Thermal Aged Rim and Resonator

  • Yates Prewar 20 hole Tone Ring

  • All parts distressed to look and feel old

  • Waverly Tuners

  • TKL Case


Price $5650