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The Yates "MULE"


   This curly maple banjo was designed to sound sweet and woody. The old western cowboy / river boat theme was kept in mind when this model was created, while keeping the old prewar, look and dry dynamics.

   I must say that I was surprised at how pure the sound became. I love the old tone ring styles with a band, but playing alone or in my living room, the Mule would always be my "go to" banjo. It makes me want to slow it all down and play beautiful melodies and chords, yet it doesn't lack at all when I want to crack down on it.

   With no metal tone ring, this banjo is around 3 to 3.5 pounds lighter in weight than most tone ring banjos. My back loves this banjo too.

  • Curly Maple

  • Thermal Aged Rim and Resonator

  • The rim is topped with Rosewood (No tone ring)

  • All parts distressed to look and feel old

  • Waverly Tuners

  • TKL Case


Price $4550