Yates Banjos




Banjo DVD

by Warren Yates


The Warren Yates Method is a simple technique of learning to play by ear.  Songs can be broken down into segments that often times are common to every song.  By placing these segments together, we can create longer sections which eventually become complete songs.  By arranging them differently, we can create new pieces of music more easily.   


In this video, you will learn many of the most common rolls and runs and how to use them; in addition to exercises that will help you learn how to connect them with melody notes. Some of the old standards are broken down so that you to can reproduce them. Enclosed for your reference, is a chord chart of the entire neck.

This 66 minute DVD was filmed at an old cabin and in a farm setting so that you not only receive good, solid instruction, but is relaxing to watch.  Special guest, Doug Trivette plays guitar.


The content covered in this video includes the following:

Tuners and Tuning

Parts of the Banjo



Capos and Picks


Hammer-ons, Pull-offs and Slides

Amazing Grace

Hot Corn Cold Corn

Cripple Creek

More Pretty Girls Than One

Blackberry Blossom

Nine Pound Hammer


Bluegrass Endings

A Blooper From a Cut Scene


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